Végtelen erőfeszítés, végtelen kitartás, végtelen szerénység. (Rain vezérelve)

Tudtam, hogy ránézésre nem tűnök valami nagy számnak, a megjelenésem sem túl vonzó, de a bensőm elég rendkívüli. Minden színpadra lépés előtt azt mondom magamnak, hogy én vagyok a legjobb, és minden előadás után ugyanúgy azt, hogy nem én vagyok. Ezért minden fellépés előtt 120 százalékosan kell felkészülnöm, hogy az előadáson 100 százalékos teljesítményt tudjak nyújtani. Ennek érdekében minden álló nap folyamatosan képzem magam. Már nagyon hosszú ideje alváshiányban szenvedek, mert ha éppen nem dolgozom, akkor vagy edzek, vagy a koreográfiákat és a dalokat próbálom. Éppen úgy, mint a filmfelvételek idején, ha valamit nem csináltam jól, képtelen vagyok aludni. Akár színészként, akár énekesként, a legjobbat kell tudnom kihozni magamból. De nem kell aggódni, hogy most nincs elegendő időm az alvásra, jut arra majd bőven a halálom után. (Rain)

Ez a fiatalság, ez az egészség... és a túlcsorduló önbizalom... az erőfeszítés, amit az oly hihetetlen előadásai sikeres megvalósításáért tett... és a tehetség, amit felmutat, ezek töltenek el spontán tisztelettel engem. Azt gondolom, hogy a történelem a fontos személyiségek között fogja jegyezni. Úgy, mint aki színészként és zenészként egyaránt sikeres lett. ...
Ami igazán meglepő Ji-hoonban, az az, hogy egyfajta düh, bosszúvágy és szomorúság, az összes efféle sötét, komor negatív motiváció az ő esetében rendkívül optimista és derűs módon ölt testet.
(Park Chan-wook rendező)

Friends FM - Sebességvágy (2012.11.18.)

English Translation By 화니


[Rain]&[KMC] : Rain&KCM's "The Desire To Speed"!

[Rain] : As you take a trip with your close friends, we're ready to be with you again today. Please don't go away.

(After gifts which will be provided for the applicants, are introduced.)

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to the radio station by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net

[Rain] : Listener 'Jung Da Som', "There is a boyfriend I'm really close friends with. After declaring his love for me by gathering heart, he's joined the army.
I didn't know he loved me this much. There has been a big hole in my heart since he joined the army."
I hope you'll surely meet him when he gets a vacation.



-'The Song I'd Like To Share'-

[KCM]: 'The Song I'd Like To Share' segment is comprised of three parts :
In the first part of the segment, Rain and KCM's songs will play, in the second part, the songs Rain and KCM would like to share will play, and in the third part, the songs listeners would like to share will play.

(1) Part one.

[Rain] : My 'Hip Song' is recommended because it removes our stress and uplifts our mood.
[KCM]: My 'One Day' is recommended because it reminds me of my recruit days.
[Rain] : I don't really like 'One Day' that much .(laughs)
[KCM]: But I really like 'Hip Song'. (laughs)

(Hip Song & One Day)

[Rain] : How do you feel after listening to the songs?
[KCM]: They are really great. (KCM tries rapping)
[Rain] : Your high voice really irritates me. (laughs)
You have a high voice and don't even try for the low notes. (laughs)

(2) Part two

[KCM] : 'Seo Taiji and Boys' 'I Know' is recommended.
When I listened to the song for the first time in elementary school, I was very impressed at the song.
[Rain] : 'Seo Taiji and Boys' was greatly influenced by singer 'Hyun Jin Young', and popularized rap in Korea.
GOD's 'Lie' is recommended. I was invited to perform as a guest star at GOD's concert in 2002. The main stadium was filled with the white balloons that their fans held in their hands, and I was impressed by the sight. The group was a real hit at that time.

('Seo Taiji and Boys' 'I Know' & 'GOD's 'Lie')

(3) Part three.

[Rain] : Listener 'Yoshiyama Jungquo'. "I enjoy listening to 'Apgoojung In The Rain' of 'Brown Eyes' in 'Apgoojung's cafe. I request 'Apgoojung In The Rain' of 'Brown Eyes'."
I'm trying to enjoy the song, imagining I'm in Apgoojung's cafe.(laughs)
[KCM] : Listener 'Lee Seo Young', "I request 'Young Turks Club's 'Stupid Complex'. I was enjoying the song 14 years ago when I was 14 years old and I was a little kid at heart. The song has very funny lyrics."

('Apgoojung In The Rain' of 'Brown Eyes' & 'Young Turks Club's 'Stupid Complex')

[Rain] : KCM, please don't make that rustling sound! (laughs)
[KCM] : Sorry (laughs)
[Rain] :'Young Turks Club' was that generation's ultimate super stars and the time was neck of the bottle to me. At that time I was so hard-pressed for money that I didn't know when my next meal would be, but I was busting my chops to achieve my dream as a musician.

I look forward to which songs will be introduced next week.


[KCM] : Listener '#3660', "I see the trees shedding their leaves while taking a step. I hope you are full of beans again today."
[Rain] : Listener '#8686', "The fallen ginkgo leaves are spread all over the road. They look like a yellow carpet."

[KCM] : Listener 'Sakako Jiwooko', "My close friend 'Doshikoshi' is in the hospital. She is a big fan of Rain. I hope that she'll get well very soon, and that we will go to Rain's concert again."
[Rain] : 'Doshikoshi', please cheer up! (in Japanese)



[KCM] : Listener 'Mi Mi', "My brother loves fishing, and my mother also likes going with us and cooking the fish that we catch. Do you cook the fish you catch?"
I tend to release the fish I catch to where it belongs.

[Rain] : Listener 'Kim Yi Young', "I'm setting my room straight, but it seems like this work will never end. I want to learn how to do the work well."
I put my clothes in the corner of my room and sweep the dirt out of my room, and I wipe off the dust and clean the room with a dust cloth, and then I hand the clothes to my sister. She'll put them in the washing machine. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener 'My Groove R', "I learned how to perform CPR at work.
This way of training was much more difficult than I had thought it would be.
I still feel sharp pains all over my body."
[Rain] : I was really enjoying performing CPR during my recruit days. (laughs)
[KCM] : So was I. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener 'Ahn Hoon Hee', "My hairdo is crying out for a change, but I can never manage my hair style right."
Magic perm will be good to look young for your age.

[KCM] : Listener 'Lee Eun Seon', "I lost 13 kilos after 5 months of dieting, but recently my appetite is bigger and I'm gaining weight again due to lack of exercise.
I wonder if you could give me some advise."
[Rain] : The key to a healthy diet is proper food and regular exercise, and please keep healthy by eating well and exercising regularly.



-Talk About Music With 'Kim Tae Wan'-

[KCM] :'Kim Tae Wan' is called 'Korean Timbaland', and he has produced and composed songs of various genres.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Nice to meet you. This is 'Kim Tae Wan' who is a singer-song writer and producer, etc.
[Rain] : Thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Long time no see. I think Rain and I have met for the first time
in a year. His eyes are shining alive. (laughs)
[KCM] : Because Rain is a soldier. (laughs)
[Rain] : I am filled with emotions as I think about the past. I think I've come to a music studio. 'Kim Tae Wan' and I are every bit as apposite.
We two collaborated on many projects over the years - MBLAQ's songs, my 'Love Song', etc.

[KCM] : 'Kim Tae Wan' has a baby face. (laughs)
[Kim Tae Wan] : I really like KCM. (laughs)
[KCM] : If I have a chance, I'd like to work with you. (laughs)
[Kim Tae Wan] : I'd be glad to.

[KCM] : How have you been these days?
[Kim Tae Wan] : I've been working as a group or as a solo, and recently I've
finished producing the albums of a singer called Natue from Thailand and pop group D-UNIT.
[Rain] : 'Kim Tae Wan's knowledge of music is very extensive, so there's a lot I can learn from him. Also he strongly holds the view on various genres of music he's interested in.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Thank you.

[Kim Tae Wan] : I'm trying to introduce Timbaland.
I heard Rain had an opportunity to work with Timbaland.
[Rain] : Yes, I did, but I had to join the army and that's why the work ceased.
[KCM] : If you (Rain) happen to see him again, give him my best regards.
If I get a chance, I want to meet with Timbaland.
[Rain] : KCM has some physical likeness with Timbaland. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland's real name is Timothy Z. Mosley, and he was born on March 10, 1972.
[Rain] : Timbaland and JYP are the same age. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland's father sold bus tickets, and his mother was a volunteer to help the homeless. His brother 'Sebastian' is a rapper.
There seems to be something charmingly old-fashioned about his brother's name 'Sebastian'. (laughs)
Timbaland was featured as a rapper in Jodeci's 'What About Us'.

( Jodeci's 'What About Us')

[Rain] : That's the style of music I like.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Me too.
[KCM] : I'm going to love it.



[Kim Tae Wan] : Missy Elliott's 'The Rain' caused quite a stir after its release.
[Rain] : It's not surprising that she was successful. I think her success results from the name of the song, 'The Rain'. (laughs)
[Kim Tae Wan] : What is more surprising is that her daughter's name is Rein.
The two words are spelled differently but pronounced the same.

( Missy Elliott's The Rain)

[Rain] : The argotic lyrics are impossible to understand, but the song is very impressive.



[Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland and Aaliyah were all working together on many projects, but he had fallen a slump since she met her death in a plane accident in 2001.
[Rain] : Aaliyah was very sexy and cute, and she was good at singing and dancing.
If Aaliyah had lived, she might have knocked the spots off Beyonce when it comes to music and popularity.

(Aaliyah's 'Try Again')

[Kim Tae Wan] : Timbaland was on friendly terms with Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, etc.
SBI's Pharrell set up Timbaland with 'Justin Timberlake'.
Timbaland formed a band called SBI with some friends including Pharrell when young.
Timbaland's association with 'Justin Timberlake' led it to work in close collaboration with 'Justin Timberlake' on his ( Justin Timberlake's) 'Cry Me A River'.

[Rain] : The two's meeting is believed to occur by destiny.
I think 'Kim Tae Wan' is as talented as Timbaland or 'Justin Timberlake', but Kim Tae Wan' is hopeless at dance. (laughs)

[KCM] :I’m very curious about Rain's future after his discharge.
[Rain] : There is so much work to do after my discharge. (laughs)

('Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me A River')

[Rain] : The song is one of my favorite songs.
Actually, I don't think 'Justin Timberlake' sings very well, but he has his very own brand of appeal.
[KCM] : He is very good at using his charm to appeal to music lovers.
[Rain] : When 'Justin Timberlake' got compared to 'Chris Brown', he knocked the stuffing out of 'Chris Brown' in performing with a handkerchief while stepping up to the stage from the auditorium during his ('Justin Timberlake's) concert.
I think 'Justin Timberlake' is endowed with extraordinary gifts, but I'm a master at dancing to the rhythm of music. (laughs)



[Kim Tae Wan] : 'Timbaland' participated in Neo's (?) 'Hanson Dare' (?) as a composer. With the release of his current songs, 'Timbaland' found himself caught in a plagiarism scandal.
[Rain] : I think plagiarism is, and has probably always been, an endemic even in USA.
[Kim Tae Wan] : I think so. Even though 'Timbaland' has attempted to make a comeback with Hanson Dare, he isn't yet in the limelight of mass communication.
[Rain] : Singers tend to quickly gain and lose their popularity in USA.
With a short cycle of music, their songs aren't popular that much longer.
It can be the age of many different musical genres.
I think Psy is the hottest singer recently. (laughs)
By the way, it's the time to say good-bye.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Is it that late already?
[Rain] : I want to thank you so much for coming in today. See you next week.
[Kim Tae Wan] : I'll see you then. Thank you.
[Rain] & [KCM] : Thank you.

(Hanson Dare)



[Rain] : I think we've spent a lovely time today.
It is said the Christmas spirit is already all around us.
[KCM] : People seem to be already in the Christmas mood, and time seems to go by really fast. Hope you won't waste time. See you next week.
[Rain] : Small gifts will be provided for 'Lee So Young', 'Lee Eun Seon', and 'Jung Da Som'. Please leave your phone numbers, names, and home addresses in private in our homepage.
This has been 'Jung Ji Hoon'.
[KCM] : This has been KCM. Thank you!

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