Végtelen erőfeszítés, végtelen kitartás, végtelen szerénység. (Rain vezérelve)

Tudtam, hogy ránézésre nem tűnök valami nagy számnak, a megjelenésem sem túl vonzó, de a bensőm elég rendkívüli. Minden színpadra lépés előtt azt mondom magamnak, hogy én vagyok a legjobb, és minden előadás után ugyanúgy azt, hogy nem én vagyok. Ezért minden fellépés előtt 120 százalékosan kell felkészülnöm, hogy az előadáson 100 százalékos teljesítményt tudjak nyújtani. Ennek érdekében minden álló nap folyamatosan képzem magam. Már nagyon hosszú ideje alváshiányban szenvedek, mert ha éppen nem dolgozom, akkor vagy edzek, vagy a koreográfiákat és a dalokat próbálom. Éppen úgy, mint a filmfelvételek idején, ha valamit nem csináltam jól, képtelen vagyok aludni. Akár színészként, akár énekesként, a legjobbat kell tudnom kihozni magamból. De nem kell aggódni, hogy most nincs elegendő időm az alvásra, jut arra majd bőven a halálom után. (Rain)

Ez a fiatalság, ez az egészség... és a túlcsorduló önbizalom... az erőfeszítés, amit az oly hihetetlen előadásai sikeres megvalósításáért tett... és a tehetség, amit felmutat, ezek töltenek el spontán tisztelettel engem. Azt gondolom, hogy a történelem a fontos személyiségek között fogja jegyezni. Úgy, mint aki színészként és zenészként egyaránt sikeres lett. ...
Ami igazán meglepő Ji-hoonban, az az, hogy egyfajta düh, bosszúvágy és szomorúság, az összes efféle sötét, komor negatív motiváció az ő esetében rendkívül optimista és derűs módon ölt testet.
(Park Chan-wook rendező)

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2013.12.28.


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2012.12.28.


12-12-27 Rain @ love of country Joint Winter Concert

credit : okkyong3462 //DC



Wonderful to See BI Again!

RAIN is Pure Magic: HE Generates High-Powered Energy! FANTASTIC! *.*



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[Eng Trans][Fancam]12-12-27 Rain @ love of country Joint Winter Concert
[Fancam]12-12-27 Rain @ love of country Joint Winter Concert
source http://channel.pandora.tv/channel/video.ptv?ref=em_nom&ch_userid=pdbaa&prgid=47168373&linkskip=  //re-up by ratoka
youtube link

secession 2012.12.28.

Let me salute you. Victory!

Hello, everyone. This is corporal 'Jung Ji Hoon' belonging to Defense Media Agency.

Thank you for inviting me.

Many fans are seen sitting here and there. (Wowwwww!!!)

Are you middle-school girls? (Yeah!!)

2nd grade at girl’s high school? (Yeah!) 1st grade? (Yeah!)

You seem like adults soon. (looking at girls) (laughs)

I'm just joking. (laughs)

Our lovely high school seniors..Is the examination over? (Yeah!)
High school sophomores, you are following your seniors, right? (Yeah!)

Are there any middle school students over there? (Yeah!)
Nice to meet you.

I can see mothers here.
Mothers, scream! (Wowww!!)
High school students! (Wowww!!)
Middle school students! (Wowww!!)

(Solders complaint to Rain)
I know. Soldiers! (Wowww!!) You're just untouchable! (laughs)

Well, high school seniors! (Wowww!!)

Anyway, I want to thank you so much for coming in today, and iIt's an honor to be invited to such a meaningful event. And thank you my fans for coming like this.

And, I know the commander and the directors are here.
(Then, soldiers tell Rain something loudly) Pardon me? (laughs)
I can't hear you. (laughs)
I’d like to thank the commander and the directors for arranging this wonderful occasion today. Please give them a big hand. (clapping and cheering)

Thank you once again. The New Year is drawing near. I hope you to close the year 2012 well and to stay healthy, and Happy New Year!
Let me sing my next song.

emik 2013.01.19.

敬礼/挨拶/会釈させてください。勝利 !

こんにちは、皆さん。 こちらは国防広報員所属の 'Jung Ji Hoon' 上等兵です。


大勢のファンがこことあそこに座っているのが見えます。 (ワォ~~~!!!)

あなた達は女子中学生ですか? (イェ~!!)

女子高の2年生? (イェ~!) 1年生? ((イェ~!)

(女の子達を見て)あなた達はすぐ大人になるように見えます。 (笑い)


愛らしい高校3年生のみなさん。 試験は終わりましたか? (イェ~!)
高校2年生のみなさん, あなた達は3年生の後に続く、そうですよね? (イェ~!)

あそこにいるのは中学生ですか? (イェ~!)

お母さん方, 叫んで! (ワォ~~!!)
高校生! (ワォ~~!!)
中学生! (ワォ~~!!)

判ってます。兵士たち! (ワォ~~!!) あなた達は実に無敵です! (笑い)

さあ、高校3年生! (ワォ~~!!)


(その時、兵士達が大声でRainに話す) すみません、もう一度おっしゃってくれませんか? (笑い) 聞こえませんよ。(笑い)
今日のこの素晴らしい行事/機会のために手配/準備して頂きましたこと、司令官/指揮官と役員の方々に感謝いたします。 どうか彼らに盛大な拍手をお願いします。(拍手喝采)


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2011.12.28.


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2010.12.28.

««« 2010.12.27.
2010.12.29. »»»




- The Korea Times - Yonsama-JYP soap to reignite hallyu



Yonsama-JYP soap to reignite hallyu

Posted : 2010-12-28 17:26
Updated : 2010-12-28 17:26

From left, actor Kim Soo-hyun, Eun-jung of K-pop group T-ara, Suzy from Miss A, Taecyeon of 2PM, IU and Wooyoung from 2PM pose in a promotional photo for the upcoming TV drama "Dream High." The show will premiere Jan. 3 on KBS. /Courtesy of HolymFelirat hozzáadása

By Kwon Mee-yoo

Will a high school full of top K-pop singers and produced by hallyu (Korean wave) star Bae Yong-joon give a boost to the movement?

KBS’ new drama “Dream High” stars Taecyeon and Wooyoung from 2PM, Suzy from Miss A, Eun-jung from T-ara and singer IU — all first-rate young singers popular on the local entertainment scene. Kim Soo-hyun, who played the young Ko Soo in the 2009 drama “Will It Snow for Christmas?” is the only recognizable actor among the six main characters.

Holym, a television production joint-invested by Bae’s agency Keyeast and Park Jin-young’s JYP Entertainment, and CJ Media co-produced the drama and its publication rights in Japan have already been sold.

The highly-anticipated drama portrays the life of high school students of Kirin Art School, a school cultivating future artists and entertainers.

Bae, the creative producer of the drama, also guest-stars as Jeong Ha-myeong, the art school’s board chairman. As a creative producer, Bae provides the overall concept, goals and ideas for the drama.

“I was interested in educating the youth and thinking of establishing a school for entertainers-to-be. Park had the same idea and we focused on expressing the students’ dreams, hopes, agonies and conflicts through song and dance,” Bae said. “For the authenticity of the drama, I insisted that real singers and dancers should play the roles.”

He hinted at a possible expansion of the drama to other fields. “The boundary of content is falling apart and since the drama has an emphasis on singing and dancing, it might be reproduced in movie or musical form,” Bae said.

Park Jin-young, president of JYP Entertainment, directs the music and dance while acting the role of a part-time English teacher at the school.

He produced 10 original tracks, writing six new songs.

“I am trying to make the songs and dance in the drama trendy, portraying current pop culture,” he said.

The top producer is known for his Midas touch in producing g.o.d., Rain, Wonder Girls and 2PM, but in “Dream High,” he is a rookie actor who is nervous about his debut.

“Taecyeon and Jung Ji-hoon (Rain) are my acting teachers and it was hard to accept that I fell behind the people I taught at first,” Park said.

Bae and Park want to open a school like Kirin Art School in the real world later. “We are of the same age and talked about the school on private occasions. We have the same dream and I have found a good friend through this drama,” Park said.

K-pop stars to make acting debuts

Lee Eung-bok, director of the 16-episode drama, said, “I want to show how young students grow up and achieve great dreams through small efforts.”

The director said he was prejudiced against idol groups and the popular culture before meeting Bae and Park. “They have a dream in educating young entertainers and I will portray their ideas on the small screen,” Lee said.

Boy band 2PM’s Taecyeon, who successfully made his debut in the drama “Cinderella’s Sister” earlier this year, plays Jin Guk, a student good at dancing, but raised in his father’s shadow.

“Guk is a rebellious student and I wanted to play the role as the character is different from Jeong-woo in ‘Cinderella’s Sister,’” Taecyeon said. “Though I am not a veteran actor yet, I will do my best based on what I learned from previous experiences.”
Kim Soo-hyun plays Song Sam-dong, a boy from backwoods who discovers his talent at Kirin. Unlike other singers in the drama, Kim is training hard in singing and dancing. “Sam-dong is an unfinished character and I will improve with Sam-dong throughout the drama,” Kim said.

Miss A’s Suzy acts as Go Hye-mi, who dreams of becoming the next Sumi Jo, while Eun-jung plays Yun Baek-hui, a follower of Go who later stands alone after being betrayed by her.

Wooyoung, also from 2PM and taking an acting role for the first time, plays gifted dancer Jason, and singer IU, 17, plays Kim Pil-suk, a girl who falls in love with Jason.

Actor Um Ki-joon plays the role of music teacher Gang O-hyeok, while actress Lee Yun-ji portrays dance instructor Si Gyeong-jin.
The new drama will air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2 starting next week.

욘사마 ㅡ JYP 결합 한류 재점화

배용준이 기획하고 아이돌 스타들이 다니는 고등학교가 다시 한류를 일으킬 수 있을까?

KBS에서 다음 주부터 방영하는 새 월화 드라마 “드림하이”는 2PM의 택연, 우영, Miss A의 수지, 티아라의 은정, 가수 아이유 등 인기 가수들을 캐스팅했다. 여섯 명의 주요 캐릭터 중 2009년 드라마“크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?”에서 고수의 아역을 맡았던 김수현만이 배우 출신이다.

“드림하이”는 배용준이 만든 콘텐츠 회사 키이스트와 박진영의 JYP 엔터테인먼트가 공동출자해서 만든 드라마 제작사 홀림의 첫 작품으로, 일본 판권은 방영 전에 이미 판매됐다.

스타를 키우는 기린예고에 입학한 여섯 명의 신입생들의 이야기를 그리는 이 드라마는 배용준이 크리에이티브 프로듀서, 박진영이 뮤직, 댄스 디렉터를 맡아 더욱 눈길을 끈다. 배용준은 기린예고 이사장 정하명으로 특별 출연하고, 박진영은 영어 선생님 양진만 역을 맡아 이 작품을 통해 배우로 데뷔한다.

“스타를 꿈꾸는 아이들이 성장하면서 느끼는 고민과 갈등, 방황, 희망 등의 다양한 감정을 노래와 춤으로 표현하는 것에 중점을 두고 있다,”고 배용준은 말했다. “평소에 아이들 교육에 대해 관심이 많아서, 엔터테이너를 양성하는 전문학교를 만들고 싶다는 생각을 했다. 그런데 박진영도 같은 생각을 하고 있단 생각을 알게 되어 의기투합하게 되었다.”

박진영은 드림하이의 OST를 위해 6곡을 새로 쓰고 4곡은 다른 작곡가들이 썼으며, 배우들이 실제로 노래를 부른다고 했다. 그는 “드라마에 등장하는 춤과 노래들이 사실적으로 보이고 들리도록, 지금의 유행보다 오히려 앞설 수 있도록 신경 썼다,”고 했다.



101228 SBS 강심장_빽가(비 언급)


10-12-24 Fancam - Rain & JYP@ 2010 JYP NATION concert

credit:DC // Re-up ratoka @ youtube



Rain Lotte DFS January 2011 Wallpaper
source: lottedfs


Fanmade Rain wallpaper

credit ; rain fanart blogspot



안녕하세요^^ 정지훈입니다



[28-Dec-10][allkpop]Rain explains why he joined forces with Park Jin Young and JYPE


Top star Rain has personally revealed the reason why he decided to work hand-in-glove with JYPE and Park Jin Young, after leaving the agency three years ago.

Shortly after JYPE announced that they were to become the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment, Rain left the following message on his official homepage:

“It was simply a strategic alliance with the intention that both companies could work together to bring about the greatest synergetic effect – it does not mean I am becoming a part of JYP Entertainment. I would also like to say once again that I am just a celebrity in J.Tunes Entertainment; I have no shares with the company, nor do I have the power to make any changes.”

“The reason why I joined forced forces with Jin Young-hyung was because after the many discussions we had together, we decided that I should show a variety of sides to myself before my enlistment. Also, since I met with Jin Young-hyung 10 years ago and began my career as ‘Rain’, I thought it would hold a deep meaning to wrap up my activities alongside Jin Young-hyung before my enlistment.”

Source: Star News //allkpop


[28-Dec-10][popseoul]Rain’s plans for 2011


 Rain reveals his plans for 2011.

First off,  the world star announced, “I will be enlisting in the second half of next year” recently on ‘Guerilla Date’ which aired this week on KBS2’ ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

Second, Rain is expected to release his new solo album before he enlists.

“We will release an album and have plans for a world tour,” said an official of his agency. Year 2010 was a year of movies and dramas for Rain and he wants to focus more his music career this coming 2011.

“I think of it as a vacation. I’m not worried about enlisting. In fact, I think it will make me a better person,” Rain said pertaining to his enlistment.

In the same show, Rain surprised the audience saying his present physical condition is similar to that of a 40-year old.

Rain said, “I recently had a health screening, and the results showed that my body age was that of a 40 years old. I’ve been exercising well, but apparently my excessive diet and the overworking of my body has caused it to be worn down.”

“I need to find my six pack again, but I still need two more. I think it will come back by the time I have my concert,” he added.


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate //popseoul


[28-Dec-10][rain jihoon Notice]Rain's message _Hi, this is  'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain)

안녕하세요^^ 정지훈입니다.

이번 겨울은 유난히도 추운 것 같네요.. 12월 한파로는 30년 만에 가장 추운 크리스마스였답니다.

꼭! 옷 따뜻하게 챙겨 입으시고 건강 유의하시기 바랍니다

오늘 이렇게 인사드리는 것은 다름이아니라 최근 공개된 진영형과의 의기투합에 대해 말씀드리기 위해서 입니다.

서로 파트너로써 최고의 시너지 효과를 기대하겠다는  단순 파트너로써의 전략제휴일 뿐

제가 JYP소속이 되는것은 아닙니다.

또한 저는 제이튠엔터테이먼트의 소속 연예인일뿐 회사와 관련된 어떠한 지분도 없으며,

권리도 행사할수없음을 다시한번 말씀드리는 바입니다.

이에 오해하시는 분들이 없기를 바랍니다.

또 이렇게 제가 진영형과 의기투합하게 된 이유는 진영형과 여러가지를 논의한 결과
군대 입대하기 전까지 다양한 새로운 모습을 보여드릴 수 있다는 것,

그리고 10년전 진영형과 만나 비라는 이름으로 시작했으니  입대 전 끝맺음도 형과함께하는것이 서로에게는 뜻깊은 일이라 생각했기때문입니다.

그동안 비 라는 이름에 20대의 10년 전부를 바친것 같습니다.

그 오랜시간 동안 저를  사랑해주신 모든 분들께 정말 감사드리고

이제 2011년이네요..  30대를 시작하는 저에게 또 다른 세상이 열릴것이라는 기대와 설레임으로 가득합니다

오랜만에 스승님과 함께 뜻을 모은만큼 여러분들께 어떤 모습을 보여드릴수 있을지 저도 기대가 많고 또 너무나 설레입니다

팬 여러분들께는 최고의 쇼로 화답하겠습니다
많이 기대해주시고 늘 응원 부탁드립니다

추운데 건강 조심하시길 바랍니다
늘 고맙습니다 ^^
새해 복 많이 받으세여~

                              정지훈 올림

Hi ^^, this is 'Jung Ji Hoon'.(Rain)

I think it is exceptionally cold this winter.

The weather forecast said we had the coldest Christmas in thirty years, in terms of December's cold wave.

Please be sure to wrap up warmly, and take care of your health.

It's just that, I'd like to tell you about my working hand in glove with JYP, a bunch of news relating to this issue has recently been released.

I'm not to be affiliated with 'JYP Entertainment' (Rain's formal agent), but to be just strategically entering into an alliance with the company where the alliance between the two will generate a significant synergy effect, from just a partner.

Also, I'm just attached to 'J.Tune Entertainment' (Rain's current agent), I don't have any share in the company.

Just a reminder, I can't exercise my right in the company.

So I don't want there to be any misunderstanding.

The reason why I've come to work hand in glove with JYP after consulting with him on that matter, is that I think I can show my new different looks and in terms of participating with him in my first and end, it would be meaningful for us to be with each other during the period before my joining the army, as I met JYP 10 years ago and began working with him under the name, Bi (Rain)

I think I've devoted full time to pursuing my goal of becoming known as Bi in my 20s over the past decade.

I'd like to thank those of you who have loved me.

Soon, the year 2011 will dawn.

I'm all aflutter in anticipation of another new world which will open at the beginning of my 30s.

And, I'm looking forward to how I can do much better for you, as JYP and I have decided to work together in a long time.

My best performance will be shown in return for your love.

Please look forward to my show, and always support me.

Please take good care of yourself in this cold whether.

Thank you always ^^

Happy New Year~

To my fans with best wishes from 'Jung Ji Hoon'.

English translation by rain bird.



 10-12-28 Rain today in practice room for concert

오늘도 연습실에서 콘서트 연습으로 땀방울을 흘렸답니다...콘서트 대박!!
source: myjanggun @ twitter

> RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2008.12.28. - Törölni lehet


081228 SBS 패밀리가 떳다_미방송분(편집)
081228 SK_Tworld_Tbrother_New Year_15s[CF]

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2007.12.28.


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.05.01.

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Nem tudjuk, hogy volt-e forgatás a munkaszüneti napon, vagy a kép, amit Rain küldött, inkább csak egy jól megérdemelt kikapcsolódás során készült. Reméljük, hogy a tavaszi táj csak visszatükrözi nézőjének belső békéjét és kirobbanó életerejét.







Koreai idő szerint: 21:06

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.30.

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A "The Confession" turné negyedik rajongói találkozója volt ma Osakában, ugyancsak az Orix Színházban. Elég korán kezdődött az esemény, délután 3-kor, és utána Rain azonnal hazautazott Koreába, valószínűleg a Korean Air 2728-as járatával (19:45 Osaka - 21:30 Seoul).

A rajongói találkozók japán műsorvezetője is készített közös fotót Rainnel, amelyet az Instagramon tett közzé lelkes szavak kíséretében, amelyekből valóban sugárzik, hogy élvezte a közös munkát, és bármikor készen áll a folytatásra:


-The Confession-


楽しくMCやらさせていただきました!! また何かありましたらよろしくお願いします!!! #あきげん #石井元気 #RAIN#FANMEETING
#The Confession


huhuhuhu   Rain 비 정지훈 2017 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession"0430 Osaka FMT_ speed dance 1

huhuhuhu   Rain 비 정지훈 2017 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession"0430 Osaka FMT_ speed dance 2

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.29.

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170429 #Rain #osaka #fanmeeting #thebestpresent #JungJiHoon #kstar #kpop #actor #movie #월드스타 #비 #가수비 #정지훈 #영화 #엄복동 #최고의선물 #레인컴퍼니 #raincompany #HM @rain_oppa (cr @heartsandclubs)

170429 PHILIPP PLEIN-Pullover Round Neck LS "Historical"
#Rain #osaka #fanmeeting #thebestpresent #kstar #kpop #actor #JungJiHoon #월드스타 #비 #가수비 #정지훈 #영화 #엄복동 #최고의선물 #레인컴퍼니 #raincompany #philippplein @rain_oppa
[Közzétéve: 2017.05.10.]

[Közzétéve: 2017.05.10.] 

Rain wrote 고맙습니다💝잘 먹었습니다❤


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.28.

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.27.

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biblueberry11   Rain Bi 비 170427 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession" in Nagoya_Move On

biblueberry11   Rain Bi 비 170427 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession" in Nagoya_Not a Single Day 하루도

huhuhuhu   Rain 비 정지훈 2017 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession"0427 Nagoya 1st FMT_talk

huhuhuhu   Rain 비 정지훈 2017 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession" 0427 Nagoya 1st FMT_greetings

huhuhuhu   Rain 비 정지훈 2017 Japan Fan Meeting "The Confession"0427 Nagoya 1st FMT_하늘도

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.26.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.25.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.24.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.23.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.22.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.21.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.20.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.19.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.18.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.17.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.16.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.15.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.14.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.13.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.12.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.11.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.10.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.09.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.08.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.07.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2017.04.06.

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RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2015.12.29.


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2013.12.29.

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2012.12.29.

12:00~14:00 国防FM 96.7MHz 雨.KCMの疾走本能


12-12-29 Friends FM - 질주본능_Rain & KCM DJ
Credit : ratoka
121229 Friends FM (The Desire To Speed) Rain & KCM DJ from ratoka on Vimeo.

secession 2012.12.29.

[Rain] : Rain&KCM's "The Desire To Speed"!

[Rain] : It's not a good idea to spend so much time on trifles.
You need someone who can keep you from dissipating your time and energy on too many different things. We'll be that one you need.


[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) or its message board
(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net


[Rain] : Well, I have something to tell you. I've got many gifts and delicious snacks and food from my official fan club 'Cloud' today. My solder mates including me have had more than enough, and I've saved face, thanks to you. Thank you so much, and I love you.
[KCM] : Thank you very much.


-Quiz Pang Pang-

[Rain] : This segment is for those who were lonely on Christmas day.
[KCM] : How did you spend your Christmas?
[Rain] : I had a very nice Christmas.
[KCM] : So did I (laughs)

*Quiz 1

[KCM] : If you give a correct answer to my question or if you give a funny answer despite a wrong answer, you will get a present as a prize.

(Rain and ‘KCM' read the words to a song.)

[Rain] : What is the name of the song?
[KCM] : Please send a chargeable text message to this number #0967 if you know the answer or if you want to send your wrong and funny answer to us.
Each of the winners will be presented with a gift certificate.

[Rain] : The answer is 'Noeul's 'Proposal Of Marriage'.

[KCM] : Listener '#3456' - 'Noeul's 'Youth'
Listener 'Hardworking Genius R' - 'Noeul's 'Farewell At About Sunset'
Listener '#8686' - 'Noeul's “Writing 'Proposal Of Marriage' and Reading 'Nuptial Song' ”
The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is '#868'. Congratulations!

[Rain] : Listener 'Su O', ‘#1719’. ‘#9852’, ‘#1876’, etc. -'Noeul's 'Proposal Of Marriage'.
The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is '#9852'. Congratulations!

*Quiz 2.

(A song is playing on the radio)
[KCM] : What is the name of the song?
[KCM] : Please send a chargeable text message to this number #0967 if you know the answer or if you want to send your wrong and funny answer to us.
Each of the winners will be presented with a gift certificate.

[Rain] : The answer is SISTAR's 'Alone'.

[Rain] : Listener 'Yu Ji Hyun' - 'Sister's 'Staying Alone'
Listener 'Newt R' - SISTAR's 'Outcast'
Listener '#9106' - SISTAR's 'Home Alone'
Listener '#9852' - Brother's 'Together'
Listener '#3593' - SISTAR's 'Fiona Alone' (laughs)
The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is '#9106'. Congratulations!

[KCM] : Listener '#0959', '#5283', 'Ha Ji Min R', '#8299' - SISTAR's 'Alone'.
The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is 'Ha Ji Min R',. Congratulations!

*Quiz 3.

('Girls’ Generation's "Tell Me Your Wish." is playing)
[Rain] : I want you to guess what the lyrics are when a bell rings.
[KCM] : Please send a chargeable text message to this number #0967 if you know the answer or if you want to send your wrong and funny answer to us.
Each of the winners will be presented with a gift certificate.

[Rain] : Maybe KCM's mother is listening to this show.
KCM's mother, KCM is your son, but who do you like better, me or your son?
After this show, I'm going to ask KCM to place a collect call to you in order to button down the truth. (laughs) Mother, I love you. (laughs)

[Rain] : The answer to the quiz is 'Dream Car'

[Rain] : Listener 'A' - 'Zebra'.
Listener '#0415' - 'Merry-Go-Round'.
Listener 'JJ Love' - Rudolf.
Listener '#0490'- 'Bumper Car'. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener '#9106' - 'Handcart'. (laughs)
Listener '#9852' - Cultivator

[Rain] : Listener '#3863', "The answer is Rain's 'Carrying Somebody On His Shoulders'. I think nobody has the guts to ask Rain to carry her on his shoulders."
You have to know that I'm quite approachable.

[KCM] : Listener '#5535' - 'Open Car'
[Rain] : The winner out of those who have got the wrong answers, is '#9106'. Congratulations!

[KCM] : Listener '#9852', 'Baby Cloud Fan' - 'Dream Car'.
[KCM] : Listener 'The Big Dipper', " I mistakenly thought of 'Dream Car' as 'Drum Car'. (laughs) The answer is 'Dream Car' "

[Rain] : Listener 'Pang Pang', "The answer is 'Dream Car'. I imagine Rain will leave the army passing in the motorcade."
Imagine how you will leave the army.
[KCM] : I think I'll walk away with lively steps.
[Rain] : I think I will feel weepy.
[KCM] : I agree with you.

[Rain] : Listener '#5535', 'Movie' - 'Dream Car'.
The winner out of those who have got the right answers, is 'The Big Dipper'.

[Rain] : If it has been funny, please scream!
[KCM] : Hooray! (laughs)


[Rain]; The next song is 'Park Ji Yun's 'I Fall In Love'.
I participated in this song as a choreographer when I let rip with a single from my second album. Would you listen to the song?


[KCM] : Listener '#7244', "Singer 'G.Na's 'What I Want To Do If I Have A Boyfriend' (featured by Rain) is one of my favorite songs. What do you want to do if you get a girl friend?"
[Rain] : Actually, the CEO of a company called 'Cube' where G.Na belongs, digged me up, but he (the CEO) introduced me to JYP, and JYP employed the CEO as a professional manager later. I recorded the song before my enlistment. Up until then, I had never participated in any other singer's song as a rapper. The lyrics of the song is very interesting.

[Rain] : Listener '#Small Eyes', "I hope something fab will happen to me next year.
The year 2013 is also the year when your discharge from the army will occur."
[KCM] : Doesn't it sound wonderful?

[KCM] ; Listener '#0680', "I'm working as a kindergarten teacher in Seoul.
I am on my winter vacation at the moment. The break from work really sets me up for the new year."
[Rain] : Recently I'm really worried about how I can send my future son to a better kindergarten. (laughs) As for my future daughter, she will be given two 24-hour guards to protect her from every danger. (laughs)
[KCM] ; I'll do so too.


[Rain] : Listener '#3574', "I'm having my hair permed at a hair saloon.
I'm thinking of changing my hairdo to match the current fashion, 'Merry style'." (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener 'HyosungK', "January 4th is my son's birthday. Please do to him with your energy. Happy New Year!"
[Rain] : I mistakenly thought of 'Please do to him with your energy' as 'Please pour the oil into him'. (laughs) Sorry.

[Rain] : Listener '#5114', "I've hand-packed snowmen like you two. Looking at those snowmen, I'm listening to the radio over coffee. You two shall leave the army next year. I appreciate your commitment."
It's too early to say that because we have a long way to go before we finish our military service. It is not until it's March (next year) that we are worthy to receive the remark.
By the way, according to sergeant 'Yim Ju Howan's mother, I'll have a good fortune told, beginning next year, and the misfortunes I've had will disappear when this year is over. She was alleged to say as, 'My joining the army last year was a good thing to do'.
As it says you'll always have the bad as well as the good in the world, I'll take this with a grain of salt.

[Rain] : Listener '#5535', "I tried several diets but I always put the weight back on."
I lost a few kilograms on the diet I have been on, but I still have a lot of fat around my body. (laughs)


-The Desire to Post Comments With 'Lee Jin Ho' and 'Lee Ji Hoon'-

[Lee Sang Cheol] : Listener 'A', "I often get teased about my fat body from my fellow worker, and even a plastic surgeon told me that my face was really awful, which made me feel awful."

[Rain] : Today's comment subject is 'The most cruel remark that cut you deeply this year.'

[Rain] : 'Lee Sang Cheol', please lower your voice a little way off the mike. (laughs)
When I auditioned to be a singer, I was ignored and neglected by the panel of judges. To be a singer, I should have looked like singer 'Yu Seung Jun' or 'Kang Ta' who was popular with his good looks and powerful dance moves at that time.
When I was a recruit after my enlistment, a female commissioned officer who is seven years younger than me and a big fan of me, came to see me, but she was disappointed when she saw me with her own eyes. (laughs)
I couldn't look my best because I was undergoing military discipline. (laughs)

[Rain] : How did you spend your Christmas?
[Lee Ji Hoon] : I had a lovely time with my solder mates in the barrack, eating a Christmas cake that our commander bought us.
[Lee Sang Cheol] : It was a moment I'll never forget.
Actually, I felt a lot of anxiety about my first Christmas in the army, but I had a wonderful time playing table tennis during the daytime, and pfc 'Kim Kyung Hyun's girl friend visited him on the day and so we spent together.

[Lee Ji Hoon] : I auditioned to be a singer under JYP when I was 22 years old, but he (JYP) was disappointed my face and I failed an audition. (laughs)
[Rain] : That's the pot calling the kettle black. (laughs)
[Lee Ji Hoon] : After I became a singer, I went to JYP personally and asked him why he had rejected me. He told me, 'I remember nothing about those days. I’d like to apologize for what happened.'

[Lee Sang Cheol] : When I returned to my unit after my vacation a few days ago, my immediate superior 'Jeon Deok Man' pretended to know me by calling me 'Ssamdy’ (a sort of comment that belittles him), which hurt my feelings as a result.

[KCM] : Long time ago, a female fan mistook me for K.Will and asked for my autograph. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener 'Kim Su Young', "The back of my head is slightly flat.
I'm often teased by my friends by reason of that, which cuts me deeply."

[Lee Sang Cheol] : Listener 'Kim Yung Hyun', "I went go to a beauty parlor for a permanent with my mother. The owner of the beauty parlor asked me, 'Are you her (my mother) younger sister?' Then, I had a fit of anger, and I've stopped going to the place since that day."

[Rain] : Listener 'Lee Yong Joon', "My granddaughter is afraid of me probably because of my big eyes. Her mom (my daughter-in-law) getting to the mat for her daughter, is hateful as a cunning fox."

[KCM] : Listener '#8462', "My friends often tease me out of fun by reason of my small eyes, which causes more stress."

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener '#5044', "I'm an old maid (39 years old). My single life is under great strain at the moment because I'm suffering from my mother's constant nagging to get married. But I've reversed myself about marriage after looking at happy couples in a supermarket."

[Lee Sang Cheol] : Listener 'Baek Kang Su', "Whenever I wear an expensive new outfit, my friends criticize me by saying 'Cut your coat according to your cloth'.
('Lee Sang Cheol' exaggeratingly reads the story to make them laugh.)
[Rain] : 'Lee Sang Cheol' has a propensity to exaggerate. I don't think it's funny at all. (laughs)

[Rain] : Listener '#6788', "I almost quit the company in a fit of rage when I was abused by my boss."
You have to swallow your anger all the time, but you need to talk to the committee of inspection when he's going too far when he talks like that.

[KCM] : Listener '#9087', "I'm a private tutor, and am big for my age. Perhaps on this account, my students have no respect for me."


[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener 'Sawadapu', "I'm a 51-year-old woman enjoying collecting cute things. When I wore a jacket with a hood there is rabbit on, my junior told me, 'You look like a young woman from the back'. It sounded like a snarky remark."

[Rain] : Listener '#2745', "I'm under a lot of stress because I am in between jobs.
Small insults can deeply hurt me."

[Lee Sang Cheol] : Listener 'Park Hyo Jung', "I didn't really have time to go to a photographer to have a few photographs made. When I slightly photo-shopped my digital portrait shot taken at home, my elder sister told me. 'You seem a completely different person,' I wanted her to say a word of praise though."

[KCM] : Listener 'Ahn Woon Hee', "Our next-door neighbour gained almost 20kg after she brought a baby into being. Her husband always teased her that she stood 158cm and weighed 80kg, but she has lost 10 kg by portion control and exercising. She said, 'I'll work out harder and sweat it off.' "

[Rain] : Listener '#0232', "I bought a padded jacket I needed when I wanted to treat myself. When I made affectation of my new clothes, my mother told me, 'You look like a pregnant woman.' Her remark deeply hurt me."

[Lee Ji Hoon] : Listener '#3211', "I wanted to buy some cosmetics. The owner of the cosmetics shop advised me to buy some cosmetics for people who are a lot older than I, probably because I looked older than my age. I was really displeased with her advise."

[Lee Sang Cheol] : Listener '#3226', "I'm an office worker who is 25 years old. When I tried to enjoy the Christmas spirit at work, my boss continued to sneer at and provoke me. It is mean of him not to care about others' feelings."

[Rain] : I think the noise in the studio has died down. (laughs)
[Lee Sang Cheol] : Because it is getting dark and cold. (laughs)
[Rain] : Maybe the stories we have read today are not happy things.
Perhaps we can a full day’s debate on a subject next time.
[Lee Sang Cheol] : Let's complete the show, laughing out loud. (laughs)

[Rain] : I know 'Lee Ji Hoon' will be going on a vacation today. Have a good time on your vacation!
And, 'Lee Sang Cheol', clean up the room on the second floor after the show. (laughs)
Thank you for coming in today.


[KCM] : Some gifts will be provided for 'Kim Su Young' and Qiz Pang Pang winners. Please leave your phone numbers and names in private in its bulletin board.
[Rain] : This has been Rain.
[KCM] : This has been KCM. Thank you.
[Lee Sang Cheol]]: Happy New Year!

emik 2013.01.13



[Rain] : Rain&KCM の “疾走本能”!
[Rain] : 些細なことでたくさんの時間を費やすのはいいことではない。あまりにも多くのことに時間とエネルギーを浪費しないようにするための誰かがあなたには必要。あなたに必要なその誰かに僕たちがなりましょう。


[Rain] : 貴方のストーリーまたは曲のリクエストはSMS #0967 またはtwitter(https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) またはメッセージボード
(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0) に送ることが出来ます。

[KCM] : 特に海外のファンは email : speedingradio@hanmail.net にストーリーまたは曲のリクエストを送ることが出来ます。
[Rain] : ええと、話したいことがあるんだ。今日、僕のオフィシャルファンクラブ‘Cloud’からたくさんのギフト、おいしいスナックと食べ物を貰った。僕を含む兵士仲間は満喫して、おかげさまで僕は面目を保てた、どうもありがとう、それとI love you.
[KCM] : どうもありがとう。



-Quiz Pang Pang-

[Rain] : このコーナーはクリスマスに寂しい人のためのもの。

[KCM] : クリスマスはどう過ごしたの?

[Rain] : とても素敵なクリスマスを過ごしたよ。

[KCM] : 僕も。(笑い)

*Quiz 1

[KCM] : 正解または間違えているけど面白い答えを送ってください。景品として商品券が贈られます。

(Rain と‘KCM’がある曲の歌詞を読む。)

[Rain] : この曲のタイトルはなんでしょうか??

[KCM] : 正解または間違えているけど面白い答えを有料テキストメッセージ番号 #0967 に送ってください。当選者には商品券が贈られます。

[Rain] : 正解は ‘Noeul’: ‘Proposal Of Marriage’

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#3456′ – ‘Noeul’:‘Youth.’
リスナー ‘Hardworking Genius R’ – ‘Noeul’:‘Farewell At About Sunset.’
リスナー ‘#8686′ – ‘Noeul’: “Writing ‘Proposal Of Marriage’ and Reading ‘Nuptial Song’”
間違った答えをくれた中からの当選者/勝者は‘#868′。おめでとう !

[Rain] : リスナー ‘Su O’, ‘#1719’. ‘#9852’, ‘#1876’, etc. -’Noeul’: ‘Proposal Of Marriage’
正解をくれた中からの当選者/勝者は ‘#9852′。 おめでとう !

*Quiz 2.


[KCM] : この曲のタイトルはなんでしょうか?

[KCM] :正解または間違えているけど面白い答えを有料テキストメッセージ番号 #0967 に送ってください。

[Rain] : 正解は SISTAR :‘Alone’.

[Rain] : リスナー ‘Yu Ji Hyun’ – ‘Sister’:‘Staying Alone.’
リスナー ‘Newt R’ – SISTAR : ‘Outcast.’
リスナー ‘#9106′ – SISTAR : ‘Home Alone.’
リスナー ‘#9852′ – Brother : ‘Together.’
リスナー ‘#3593′ – SISTAR :‘Fiona Alone.’(笑い)
正解をくれた中からの当選者/勝者は ‘#9106′。 おめでとう !

[KCM] : Listener ‘#0959′, ‘#5283′, ‘Ha Ji Min R’, ‘#8299′ – SISTAR’:‘Alone’.
正解をくれた中からの当選者/勝者は‘Ha Ji Min R’。 おめでとう !

*Quiz 3.

(‘Girls’ Generation’: “Tell Me Your Wish.” が流れる)

[Rain] : ベルが鳴った時の歌詞が何か予想してください。

[KCM] : 正解または間違えているけど面白い答えを有料テキストメッセージ番号 #0967 に送ってください。当選者には商品券が贈られます。

[Rain] : たぶん、KCMのお母さんがこの番組を聴いている。KCMのお母さん, KCMはあなたの息子、でも僕とあなた息子、どちらが好きですか? この番組の終了後、事実関係をはっきりさせるためにKCMにコレクトコールをかけるように頼むつもり。(笑い)お母さん、愛してます。(笑い)

[Rain] : クイズの正解は‘ドリームカー’

[Rain] : リスナー ‘A’ – ‘シマウマ/ゼブラ’
リスナー ‘#0415′ – ‘メリーゴーランド’
リスナー ‘JJ Love’ –‘ルドルフ/ルードルフ‘
リスナー ‘#0490′- ‘バンパー・カー’ (笑い)

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#9106′ – ‘手車’ (笑い)
リスナー ‘#9852′ –‘耕運機’

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#3863′, “答えはRain:‘彼は誰かを肩車している’。誰もRainに肩車してと頼む勇気はないと思う。”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#5535′– ‘オープンカー’

[Rain] : 間違った答えをくれた中からの当選者/勝者は‘#9106′。おめでとう !

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#9852′, ‘Baby Cloud Fan’ – ‘ドリームカー’.

[KCM] :リスナー ‘The Big Dipper’, ” ‘ドリームカー’を‘ドラムカー’だと誤解していた。(笑い)
正解は ‘ドリームカー’ “

[Rain] : リスナー ‘Pang Pang’, “答えは ‘ドリームカー’車での行進/パレードでRainが除隊するのを想像している。”

[Rain] : 僕は元気いっぱいの足取りで立ち去ると思う。

[Rain] : 僕は涙ぐむと思う。

[KCM] : そう思う。

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#5535′, ‘Movie’ – ‘ドリームカー’

正解をくれた中からの当選者/勝者は ‘The Big Dipper’。 おめでとう !

[Rain] : もし面白かったら、叫んでみて!

[KCM] : やったぁ! (笑い)



[Rain]; 次の曲は‘Park Ji Yun’:‘I Fall In Love’



[KCM] : リスナー ‘#7244′, “歌手‘G.Na’: ‘What I Want To Do If I Have A Boyfriend’ (featured by Rain) は私のお気に入りの曲の一つ。もし彼女ができたら何をしたいですか?”

[Rain] : 実は、G.Na が所属する‘Cube’という名の会社のCEOが僕を発掘した、でも彼は僕をJYPに紹介した、そしてのちにJYPが専門的経営者としてCubeのCEOを雇った。入隊前に僕はある曲をレコーディングした。それまでは、ほかの歌手の歌にラッパーとして参加したことは一度もなかった。この曲の歌詞はとても面白い。

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#Small Eyes’, “来年は何か素晴らしいことが私に起こることを願っている。2013年はあなたが除隊する年でもある。”

[KCM] : 素晴らしいことだと思わない?

[KCM] ; リスナー ‘#0680′, “ソウルで幼稚園の先生として働いている。今は冬休み中。休暇によって来年を迎える気持ちになれる。”
[Rain] : 最近、どうしたら僕の将来の息子をよりよい幼稚園に入れられるのかすごく悩んでいる。(笑い) 将来の娘にはあらゆる危険から守るために24時間警備をつけるつもり。(笑い)

[KCM] : 僕もそうするよ。



[Rain] : リスナー ‘#3574′, “美容院でパーマをかけている。流行/今のファッション’メリースタイル’にあわせるために髪型を変えることを考えている。(笑い)

[KCM] : リスナー ‘HyosungK’, “ 1月4日は息子の誕生日。あなたのエネルギーで彼を(?)Happy New Year!”
[Rain] : ‘あなたのエネルギーで彼を(?) ’を‘彼にオイルを注いであげて’と誤解した。(笑い)ごめん。

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#5114′, “ あなたたち2人のような雪だるまを手で固めて作った。コーヒーを飲みながら、これらの雪だるまを見ながら、番組を聴いている。あなたたち2人は来年除隊することでしょう。あなたたちの責任/献身に感謝する。”
僕たちの兵役が終了するまで、まだまだ先は長いので、それを言うにはまだ時期早々だよ。 3月(来年)になって初めて僕たちは批評/所見/見解を受けるに値する(立場)。ところで、Yim Ju Howan兵長のお母さんによると、来年早々から僕はよい運勢で、今年が終わると僕が抱えていた災難が消滅するそうだ。彼女は‘僕が去年入隊したのは良いこと。’と言われたそうだ。

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#5535′, “ いくつかのダイエットを試したけど、いつも体重が元に戻ってしまう。”



-‘Lee Jin Ho’ と ‘Lee Ji Hoon’とともにコメントを投稿したいという欲求-

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : リスナー ‘A’, “ 同僚から太った体についてよくからかわれる、そして形成外科医が私の顔は本当にひどいと言ったので、最悪の気分になった。”

[Rain] : 今日のコメントのお題は ‘ 今年あなたが深く傷つけられた最も残酷な言葉/発言 ’。

[Rain] : {Lee SangChul}, どうか少し声を小さくしてマイクから離れて。(笑い)
僕が歌手としてオーディションを受けた時、審査員に見向きもされず軽視された。当時歌手になるためには、容姿端麗でパワフルなダンスの動きで人気があった歌手‘Yu Seung Jun’ または ‘Kang Ta’のようでなければならなかった。

入隊後、僕が新人兵の時、僕より7歳年下で僕の大ファンだという女性の将校/士官が僕のところに来た、でも彼女は自分の目で僕を見たとき、がっかりしていた。(笑い) 僕は軍隊教育の最中だったので、良く見せるようにすることができなかった。(笑い)

[Rain] : クリスマスはどう過ごしたの?

[Lee Ji Hoon] : 兵舎で兵士仲間達と司令官/指揮官が買ってくれたクリスマスケーキを食べて素晴らしい時間を過ごしたよ。

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : あれは僕が忘れることのない瞬間だった。実は、軍での初めてのクリスマスですごく不安を感じていた、でも昼間は卓球をして楽しい時間を過ごした、それと当日‘Kim Kyung Hyun’一等兵の彼女が訪ねてきたので僕たちは一緒に過ごした。

[Lee Ji Hoon] : 僕が22歳の時、JYPのもとで歌手になるためにオーディションを受けた、でも彼(JYP)は僕の顔立ちにがっかりして、オーディションに落ちた。(笑い)

[Rain] : それは自分のことを棚に上げて他人を批判している。

[Lee Ji Hoon] : 僕は歌手になった後、個人的にJYPを訪ねて、どうして彼が僕を不合格にしたのか尋ねたら、‘ その頃のことは何も覚えていない。 起こったことを謝りたい。’と彼は言った。

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : 数日前に休暇が終わって自分の部隊に戻ってきた時、僕の直属の上官‘Jeon Deok Man’が僕を知っているふりをして‘Ssamdy’ (彼をけなしているコメントのようなもの)と僕を呼んだので、僕の感情を傷つけた。

[KCM] : 昔、女性ファンが僕をK.Willと間違えてサインを求めてきた。(笑い)



[Rain] : リスナー ‘Kim Su Young’, “ 私の後頭部は若干平ら。友人達からそのことでよくからかわれるので、私は深く傷つく。”

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : リスナー ‘Kim Yung Hyun’, “ お母さんと一緒にパーマをかけに美容院へ行った。店の主人が私に‘ あなたは彼女(お母さん)の妹なの?’と聞いてきた。私は腹を立てて、その日以来あの店に行くのをやめた。”

[Rain] : リスナー ‘Lee Yong Joon’, “孫が私を怖がる、おそらく私の目が大きいから。彼女の母親(義理の娘)が、孫をめぐって対抗意識を出している、非常にずるいので憎い。”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#8462′, “ 友人達がふざけて私の目が小さいという理由でよくからかうので、さらにストレスになる。”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : リスナー ‘#5044′, “私はオールドミス (39歳)。今のところ、私の独身人生は母親からの結婚しろと絶えず続く小言に悩まされている。でも、スーパーマーケットで幸せそうなカップルを見た後、私の結婚について考えが変わった。”

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : リスナー ‘Baek Kang Su’, “ 私が高級な新しい洋服を着るたびに友人が ‘収入[身分]に応じた生活をして’ と言って私を非難する。’

({Lee SangChul}がみんなを笑わすために誇張してストーリーを読んだ。)

[Rain] : ‘{Lee SangChul}は大げさに言う傾向がある。これが面白いとは思わない。(笑い)

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#6788′, “上司から嫌がらせ/罵られた時、短気を起こして会社をもう少しで辞めるところだった。”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#9087′, “私は家庭教師をやっている、そして私は年の割には大柄。おそらくそのせいで、生徒たちは私に対する敬意を持っていない。”



[Lee Ji Hoon] :リスナー ‘Sawadapu’, “私はかわいいものを集めることが好きな51歳の女性。ウサギがついたフード付のジャケットを着ていた時、後輩が‘ 後ろから見ると若い女性に見える’と言った。 それは不機嫌な発言のように聞こえた。”

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#2745′, “求職中なのでたくさんのストレスを抱えている。小さな侮辱が深く私を傷つける。”

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : リスナー ‘Park Hyo Jung’, “写真を現像するために写真屋に行く時間がなった。家で自分のデジタル写真を少し修正していた時、お姉さんが言った。‘(写真は)全く違う人に見える。’ 私は褒め言葉を言ってほしかったのだけどね。”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘Ahn Woon Hee’, “隣の家の人は赤ちゃんを産んだ後、おおよそ20kg太った。彼女の夫は、彼女が身長158cmで体重が80kgだといつもからかっていた、でも食事制限と運動で彼女は10kg痩せた。彼女は‘一生懸命運動して、汗を流して減らすつもり。’ と言った。“

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#0232′, “自分へのごほうびに中綿入のジャケットを買った。私が新しい服で気取っていた時、母が私に ‘妊婦さんに見える’ と言った。彼女の意見/発言に深く傷ついた。”

[Lee Ji Hoon] : リスナー ‘#3211′, “いくつかの化粧品が買いたかった。化粧品店のオーナーが私に勧めた化粧品は私よりもずっと年上の人向けのものだった、おそらく私が年齢より老けて見えたのだろう。私は彼女のアドバイスにすごく不機嫌になった。”

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : リスナー ‘#3226′, “私は25歳の会社員。職場でクリスマス気分を楽しもうとした時、上司が私を嘲笑い続けて、私を挑発した。他人の感情を思いやらないなんて彼は卑劣。”
[Rain] : スタジオのうるさい音が静まったと思う。(笑い)
{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : だって、暗くなって寒くなってきたから。(笑い)
[Rain] : たぶん、今日僕たちが読んだストーリーはうれしいことじゃないから。おそらく、僕たちは次回のお題について丸一日議論することができる。

{Lee SangChul/Sangchu} : 大笑いして、番組を終えよう。(笑い)

[Rain] : 今日‘Lee Ji Hoon’が休暇に入ることを知っているよ。良い休暇を過ごして! それと{Lee SangChul}、番組終了後、2階の部屋を掃除して。(笑い) 今日はお越しいただきありがとう。


[KCM] : ‘Kim Su Young’ そしてQuiz Pang Pang の当選者に贈り物が送られます。おめでとう !

[Rain] : Rain がお送りしました。


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2011.12.29.


RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2010.12.29.


10-12-28 Baekga mention Rain @ SBS Strong heart show

Credit: tudou // re-up ratoka @ youtube



[29-Dec-10][allkpop]Koyote’s Baekga reveals that Rain cried for him in the hospital


Koyote’s rapper Baekga was unfortunately diagnosed with brain tumor around a year ago. Thankfully, his surgery was a success and it finally seems that he has recovered, as he made an appearance on SBS’s Strong Heart.

On this week’s episode, he revealed a heartwarming story about his close friend Rain.

He stated, “I’m close with Rain and while I was ill, he was having a concert in another country. I didn’t call him because I thought he would be worried. After hearing about the news, he visited my house. Rain is a strong and vicious friend, the last time I saw him cry was eight years ago when he was talking about his mother. When I told him that I was sick, he started crying with his mouth shut. At the time, he told me that he would always be with me at the hospital whenever he had no oversea concerts and that my surgery would go well. He really did stay at the hospital everyday, which became a big source of strength for me.

I never thought of getting cancer or a tumor. I considered it as something that would never happen to me, and I was scared. For two weeks, I cried by myself at home and I had no idea how to handle the situation. I went to my parents and tried to be strong about the matter but after seeing their faces, I was the one who ended up crying first.

Even at the moment, I don’t have much of a left brain. The tumor grew past the skull and the scalp so the bone was cut and replaced with things that are not mine. I was left with a huge scar so I couldn’t even look at the mirror. I thought to myself, ‘Why me?’ I thought I lived being kind to others but such an incident brought me down.

But the important thing is the fact that a person like me overcame it, which means everybody out there can do it as well.”

The studio was overwhelmed with emotion, including Baekga himself, who showed some tears.

Source + Photo: Newsen // allkpop


29-Dec-10][Sports Today] Rain cried, trying to stop himself from bursting into tears by the news that Baegka had been stricken with a brain tumor.


Baegka, one of pop group Coyote's members, made a surprise appearance on SBS TV's show program 'Strong Heart' aired on the afternoon of the 28th.

Baegka said, "There is one I want to thank the most. It's Rain who is my best friend."
Continuing, "Rain was on a concert tour abroad as news came that I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yet he called at my home. As you know, he is strong enough not to even raise his eyebrow at most things, but he cried his eyes out, covering his mouth with his hand to stop himself from bursting into tears in hope I would always keep a good heart. I had never seen him crying so hard since he cried a lot 8 years ago when he told me about his passed mother.

Then, Rain told me, 'I have a sort of feeling that something good will happen to you. I'm sure the surgical operation will result in success.' His words were great encouragement to me"

credit to Sports Today http://news.nate.com/view/20101229n00750
English translation by rain bird.


[29-Dec-10][Star News] Animated otter's wave dance which spoofs Rain's choreography, is selected as the year 2010's best parody.


In a recent poll of netizens by DC Inside, a community portal site, from the 21st to the 28th, "Animated otter's wave dance which spoofs Rain's choreography" was chosen as the year 2010's best parody - 13.7 percent (513 votes) of respondents (3,753 votes).

This otter's dance is a spoof on Rain's choreography used for 'Love Song' which is the title track of his special album released in the first half of this year.

credit to Star News http://news.nate.com/view/20101229n13874?mid=e0102
Brief translation by rain bird.


> RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2009.12.29.


091229 Arirang_Rain back to Korea after NA promotion.
091229 MNET JP_Legend of Rainism 2009_일본 투어+팬미팅
091229 MTV JK Music_LOR Brochure Introduction

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2007.12.29.


071229 SK텔레콤_T Live_새해인사 완전정복_시보

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2015.12.30.

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2013.12.30.


18:35 仁川国際空港 -> 00:10 シンガポール到着 (KE641)

RAIN KRÓNIKA: 2012.12.30.


12-12-30 speeding967 tweet

[Friends FM]12-12-30 Rain @ Consolatory Train
Credit : ratoka
[Friends FM]121230 Rain @ Consolatory Train from ratoka on Vimeo.
(nov. 27-i fellépés)

12-12-30 Friends FM - 질주본능_Rain & KCM DJ
Credit : ratoka
121230 Friends FM - 비.KCM의 질주본능 (The Desire To Speed) Rain & KCM DJ from ratoka on Vimeo.

secession 2012.12.30.
[Rain]&[KCM] : Rain&KCM's "The Desire To Speed"!

[Rain] : There are times when what you need is some comforting rather than admonition.
[KCM] : This show will be a great consolation to those who live a lonely life during the year-end holidays.
[Rain]: Please don't touch the channel.

[Rain] : There are only two days left in this year.
[KCM] : I think I've spent my days busy as a hen with one chicken over the past year. (laughs) My heart feels much lighter now.
[Rain] : I'm still up against a wall.
[KCM] : But, you look so relaxed. (laughs)
[Rain] : You are simply under an illusion. (laughs)
Seoul's Bosingak holds a bell-tolling ceremony every year.
When I was a trainee before my debut as a singer, I participated in the ceremony from 1999 to 2001 to make a wish. I wished JYP would allow me to release my album during the ceremony. The years spent as a trainee was much worse than I had expected.
[KCM] : It’s understandable.


[Rain] : You can send your stories and song request to us through SMS #0967 or its Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) or its message board
(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0 ) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)

[KCM] : Particularly, foreign fans can send their stories and song request to us by email : speedingradio@hanmail.net


[Rain] : Listener 'Moon Woo Young', "My son who attends a middle school is concerned about his appearance to be excessive. No matter how cold it is outside, he goes to school, only wearing his school uniforms without his padded coat."
He may not like the color or style of the clothes. You and your son need to speak about matters honestly, and you can buy him what he wants.



-'The Song I'd Like To Share'-

[Rain] : Good music makes a deep impression on you as you are impressed after reading a good book.

[KCM] : 'The Song I'd Like To Share' segment is comprised of three parts :
In the first part of the segment, Rain and KCM's songs will play, in the second part, the songs Rain and KCM would like to share will play, and in the third part, the songs listeners would like to share will play.

Part 1

[KCM] : My 'I Am' is recommended. I wrote both the words and the music of this song.
[Rain] : Really? (laughs)
My 'Bad Guy' is recommended. This song is one of my favorite songs.
By the way, I'd like to thank my Cloud fans once again for giving us many gifts and delicious food. I'll have a wonderful concert and show you my wonderful stage performances next year in return for your love.

(KCM's 'I Am' & Rain's 'Bad Guy')

[Rain] : By the way, 'Bad Guy' was released on 28 April 2002.
[KCM] : I never get tired of listening to that song.
[Rain] : Your song also pleases to the ear. (laughs)
KCM comes second to none when it comes to singing skills, however, there are always exceptions. (laughs)
As a singer, 'Park Hyo Shin' is without equal. (laughs)
I don't mean what I say. (laughs)
[KCM] : I think you know my mother is listening to this show. (laughs)
[Rain] : Whether she is listening to it or not it's all the same to me. (laughs) She may like me better than you. (laughs)
[KCM] : Not really! (laughs)

Part 2

[Rain] : Female group SES's 'I Am Your Girl' is recommended. When I attended 'Anyang High School of Art', I majored in Drama and Cinema and minored in Pansori. (laughs) (* Pansori is a kind of Korean folk play)
'Bada' ('Sea' in English) who is senior to me by three years, a member of SES, visited her alma mater 'Anyang High School of Art' when I was in the school in 1999. She gave us good advice and presented a Pansori.
'Bada' was very nice and had a good manner, and left a number for us where she could be contacted. Six years later, she participated in my album as a rapper.

[KCM] : Female group 'Finkle's 'Blue Rain' is recommended. I just liked 'Finkle' at that time. (laughs)

(SES's 'I Am Your Girl' & 'Finkle's 'Blue Rain')

[Rain] : There is nothing to choose between the two.
[KCM] : The songs bring my old times to remembrance.

Part 3

[Rain] : Listener 'Yachin', "I request 'Shin Seun Hoon's 'I Don't Believe Something Like Love'. Whenever I listen to this song, the recollection comes across my mind."

[KCM] : Listener 'Pang Pang', "I request 'Lee So Ra's 'Wind Blows'.
I love both the melodious music and the lyrics of the song."

('Shin Seun Hoon's 'I Don't Believe Something Like Love' & 'Lee So Ra's 'The Wind Blows')

[Rain] : The two singers' remarkable singing skills are truly an inspiration to me.
[KCM] : When I listened to 'Wind Blows' with my eyes closed, I thought wind was actually blowing. (laughs)
[Rain] : You need to think before you speak. (laughs)


[Rain] : Listener 'Hibuda Yuko', "The weather has been cold for several days, which roughens my skin. Do you know how to maintain healthy skin?"
KCM and I don't smoke. Smoking is hazardous to your health, it affects other people as well as the smoker, it is a waste of time, money and resources, and it speeds up the aging of the skin.
[KCM] : Recently my skin is sagging, despite being a nonsmoker. (laughs)

[KCM] : Listener '#1871', "I'm enjoying eating catfish soup cooked by my mother. It's good winter food, very satisfying on a cold nasty day. Have you had lunch?"
[Rain] : After finishing it, we'll have lunch. This radio show runs during lunch time, so it is hard for us to eat meals on time.
Thankfully, my fans often provide us delicious foods and snacks.
Thank you so much for your support.

[Rain] : Listener 'I Cham', "I study Korean language, watching Korea's historical dramas. How do you study foreign languages?"
Watching foreign dramas come in useful to English study, but repeated practice seems to be important in learning English.
I'm thinking of acquiring English again by living in USA for about six months after my discharge from the army.

[KCM] : Listener '#1805', "My 5-year-old niece has entered kindergarten. It is very hard for a kid to enter kindergarten recently."
[Rain] : Recently, entering a prestigious university is hard, but entering prestigious kindergarten is even harder. I think it is never easy bringing up a child.
It is said the cost of having a child is about 350 million KRW, which weighs heavily upon his parents' mind, and the expenses fall on them.
We seem to live in a society in which more and more it really doesn't make economic sense to have children.
[KCM] : I was going to raise five children. (laughs)


[KCM] : Listener 'Ahn Woon Hee', "When I got on a bus, I forgot where I put my bus card. When I was about to take coins out of my purse to pay the bus fare, I dropped those coins onto the floor and all eyes were centered on me.
The bus driver said I should pay more even while I was picking up the coins off the ground to pay the bus fare. It was a day when I used coins for the first time in many days."

[Rain] : Listener '#3969', "I've been learning how to cook. I want to impress my future wife with my newly acquired cooking skills."
You can add oyster sauce or seasonings to make it taste better, and Ramyon will taste better if you add a half tablespoon of Ssamjang.
Frankly, women's ideal men seem to be wealthy guys. (laughs)
[KCM] : I suppose you’re right. (laughs)
[Rain] : But, the rich are not always happy. Relationships or marriage that are not based on true love could be in serious danger, and materialism or lookism ought to disappear. I hope single ladies to look for responsible persons they can trust and love in all sincerity.

[KCM] : Listener 'Jin Eun Ju', "I want to earn some money by hook or by crook, but even part-time work is hard to find, which makes me so depressed."
[Rain] : I did some odd jobs, if there were any after school during my high-school years. I think there weren't many jobs that I hadn't tried at that time.
While I was working as a part-time employee on an apartment construction site in Ilsan city 13 years ago, I ever engraved my name on the wall in the hallway on the 11th floor of the apartment building. (laughs)
[KCM] : I also took what blue-collar jobs I could find before my debut.


Talk About Music With 'Kim Tae Wan'-

[Rain] : Welcome to another segment on the show, which adds to the classiness of music.

[Rain] : Welcome, 'Kim Tae Wan'. It's been so long
[Kim Tae Wan] : Long time no see.
[KCM] : I almost forgot your face. (laughs)
[Rain] : How did you spend your Christmas?
[Kim Tae Wan] : I had a bad cold, so I had to lie up for a few days.
I think I have a jinx of getting sick at this time of the year.
[Rain] ; Hope you'll break the jinx next year.
[Kim Tae Wan] : I'll try my best to do so. (laughs)

[Rain] : Who is the star of the day?
[Kim Tae Wan] : Rapper T.I. is the star of the day. He was born on 25 September 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia,. It is said people born on the 25th are smart. (laughs)
[Rain] : What you say is indirectly about me. (laughs) (Rain was born on 25 June)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.'s real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.
When he was a child, his father who lived in New York had dementia, so his grandma brought him up in the slums of a small town later. He had a hard life while growing up, and his first album 'I'm Serious' was not successful.

(T.I.'s I'm Serious', the title track in the album)(Feat. Bennie Man)

[Rain] : It's an very exciting song. I tend to record my songs after practicing enough. Then I can save time and be more productive.
[Kim Tae Wan] : That can save most composers including me a great deal of time.
[Rain] : On the other hand, it took too much time for me to work with JYP during the recording of my album. JYP was scrupulous to a fault.

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I started rapping when he was 9 years old, and his uncle was his role model, but his uncle has been in and out of jail all his life.
And of course T.I. was affected by that, and he was also summoned to court on the suspicion of violating narcotics law when he was 18 years old.
T.I. kept writing the lyrics of rap songs in jail. After he was released from prison after serving his sentence, 'LaFace Record' which was known to have discovered singer 'Usher', selected T.I, but he couldn't live up to their expectations, so he was removed from the company.
After his dark times, he participated in rapper and his friend 'Bonecrusher's 'Never Scared' as a rapper and he laid the foundations for future success for himself.
As the song was a mega hit, T.I. received attention from major record labels and he finally chose Atlantic Record.

('Bonecrusher's 'Never Scared') (Feat. T.I.)

[Rain] : I think there are a lot of effing and blinding going on in the lyrics of rap songs.
[Kim Tae Wan] : So I had to be more careful when choosing them.
[Rain] : I'm so glad to hear that.

[Kim Tae Wan] : After that, T.I. was arrested by the police for possession of illegal firearm and the judge gave him three years, but he was paroled after six months. His album 'Urban Legend' released after coming out of prison, sold over a million copy and hit the jackpot.
[Rain]: As the age of digital revolution is down the pike, I think singers' incomes aren't as high as they used to be.
[Kim Tae Wan] : I thinks so. Recently, even famous singers supplement their incomes by running a business.

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.'s releasing his album 'King' and appearing movie 'ATL' at the same time, created a synergy effect and he was a smash hit. But, he was arrested on charges of assault again.
T.I. got word that a friend of his died at the scene of the accident. T.I. who was aghast by the news of his friend's death, was in a slump, suffering from a guilty conscience.
[Rain] : Through the many ups and downs in his lifetime, T.I. might learn how to overcome hardships and kept on dreaming.

(T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like)

[Kim Tae Wan] : Even while T.I. was in such a slump, he released his album 'T.I. vs T.I.P'. 'Big Shit Poppin' in the album is particularly impressed.
Do you have any inspiration for writing and composing your songs even while serving in the army?
[Rain] : Whenever an inspiration strikes, I write notes.
[KCM] : Me too.
[Kim Tae Wan] : I'm looking forward to your albums.
[Rain] : Please don't expect a great deal from me. I'll do my work anyhow. (laughs)

[Kim Tae Wan] : In lieu of jail time, T.I. was sentenced to community service.
After the community service, he released his album 'Paper Trail' that provides encouragement for poor children. This album has sold over two million copies.

(T.I.s 'Big Shit Poppin')

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I. and his family appeared on TV in a family show.
He became very famous entertainer with the show, but he was arrested by the police for possession of illegal firearm again and he was jailed for one year.
After that, he released an album called 'No Mercy, but the results were not up to par.

[Rain] : We're thinking of closing this with the song T.I.s 'Live Your Life'. How do you feel about this broadcast?
[Kim Tae Wan] : I've prepared the materials thoroughly for this day's show since last week. It has been a salutary experience, which I shall remember.
[Rain] : New Year's Day will soon be upon us, and with it will come New Year's resolutions. I hope your wishes come true.
[Kim Tae Wan] : Thank you. I really hope so. (laughs)
[Rain] : Thank you for your hard work.
[KCM] : See you next week.

(T.I.s Live Your Life) ( Feat. Rihanna)

[Rain] : It will soon be New Year, and the date of our discharge from the army is also approaching.
[KCM] : An eventful year has passed and a new one is coming. May the hopes of the New Year come to pass.
[Rain] :Small gifts will be provided for 'Moon Woo Young', 'Jin Eun Ju', 'Lee Se Young', and '#4032'. Please leave your phone numbers and names in private in its bulletin board.
[Rain] : This has been Rain. I love you.
[KCM] : This has been KCM. Thank you.

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[Rain]&[KCM] : Rain&KCM の “疾走本能”!

[Rain] : 人は忠告よりもむしろ慰めが必要な時がある。

[KCM] : この番組は年末休みをさびしく過ごす人にとって素晴らしい安らぎになるでしょう。

[Rain]: どうかチャンネルを変えないで。

[Rain] : 今年もあと2日を残すばかり。

[KCM] : 過去1年は休めことなく/せかせかと日を過ごしていたと思う。(笑い) 今はずっと気持ちが軽い。

[Rain] : 僕はいまだに壁にぶち当たっている。

[KCM] : でも、君はすごくリラックスしているように見える。(笑い)

[Rain] : 君は単に思い違いをしているだけ。(笑い) 毎年ソウルの普信閣で鐘を鳴らす儀式がある。僕が歌手としてデビューする前の訓練生の時、願い事をするために1999年から2001年まで僕は儀式に参加した。儀式の間、JYPが僕のアルバムをリリースすることを許可してくれることを願った。訓練生として過ごした年月は僕が予想していた以上にひどかった。

[KCM] : 分かるよ。


[Rain] : 貴方のストーリーまたは曲のリクエストはSMS #0967 またはtwitt(https://mobile.twitter.com/speeding967) またはメッセージボード
(http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2086&mod_id=board_2093&pseq=0) or (http://www.dema.mil.kr/web/home/speeding?skin_type=S&menu_seq=2141&mod_id=board_2098&pseq=0)  に送ることが出来ます。

[KCM] : 特に海外のファンは email : speedingradio@hanmail.net にストーリーまたは曲のリクエストを送ることが出来ます。


[Rain] : リスナー ‘Moon Woo Young’, “息子が通う中学校は彼の外見が行き過ぎだと気にしている。外がどんなに寒くとも彼は中綿入りのコートなしで制服だけで学校に行っている。”




[Rain] : あなたがいい本を読んだ後、感動するように、いい音楽はあなたを深く感動させる。

[KCM] : ‘シェアしたい曲’ コーナーは3つのパートで構成されています:
最初のパートではRain と KCM の曲が流れます、2番目のパートではRain と KCM がシェアしたい曲が流れます、そして3番目のパートではリスナ-がシェアしたい曲が流れます。

Part 1

[KCM] : 僕の‘I Am’ をお勧めするよ。僕がこの曲の作詞作曲をした。
[Rain] : 本当に? (笑い) 僕の ‘Bad Guy’ をお勧めするよ。 この曲は僕のお気に入りの一つ。

(KCM :‘I Am’ & Rain :‘Bad Guy’)

[Rain] :ところで、‘Bad Guy’は2002年4月28日にリリースされた。

[KCM] : この曲は何度聴いても飽きない。

[Rain] : 君の曲も耳を楽しませる。(笑い) KCMは歌唱力において誰にも負けない、けれども、必ず例外がある。(笑い) 歌手として ‘Park Hyo Shin’ は比類ない。(笑い) 本気で言っているわけじゃないよ。(笑い)

[KCM] : 僕のお母さんがこの番組を聴いてること君は知ってると思う。(笑い)

[Rain] : お母さんがこの番組を聴いていても、聴いていなくてどっちでもかまわない。(笑い) お母さんは君より僕のほうがもっと好きかも知れない。(笑い)

[KCM] : そんなことない! (笑い)

Part 2

[Rain] : 女性グループ SES : ‘I Am Your Girl’ をお勧めるよ。僕が‘安養芸術高校’に通っていた時、僕はドラマと映画を専攻してパンソリ(朝鮮の伝統的民俗芸能)は副専攻だった。(笑い) 1999年、僕が高校生の時、僕より3歳年上のSESのメンバー、 ‘Bada’ (英語:海)が彼女の母校である‘安養芸術高校’にやってきた。 彼女は僕達に良いアドバイスをしてくれた、そしてパンソリを披露してくれた。 ‘Bada’ はとても素敵で、礼儀正しかった、そして僕たちに彼女の連絡先を残してくれた。6年後*、彼女はラッパーとして僕のアルバムに参加した。

(*6年後と一致しませんが、デビューアルバム:n001に収録されている“Just Like You” に ‘Bada’は参加しているそうです。)

[KCM] : 女性グループ{Fin.K.L} :‘Blue Rain’ をお勧めするよ。当時 {Fin.K.L} が好きだった。(笑い) (Fin.K.L= Lee HyoRi がメンバーだったグループ)

(SES :‘I Am Your Girl’ & {Fin.K.L} :‘Blue Rain’)

[Rain] : この2曲に甲乙はない。

[KCM] : この2曲で昔を思い出す。

Part 3

[Rain] : リスナー ‘Yachin’, “ ‘Shin Seun Hoon’:‘I Don’t Believe Something Like Love’をリクエストします。この曲を聴くたびに、思い出が頭に浮かぶ。”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘Pang Pang’, “ ‘Lee So Ra’ :‘Wind Blows’をリクエストします。この曲の歌詞と旋律の豊かなメロディー、両方が大好き。”

(‘Shin Seun Hoon’:‘I Don’t Believe Something Like Love’ & ‘Lee So Ra’:‘The Wind Blows’)

[Rain] : これら2人の歌手の優れた歌唱力は実に刺激になる。

[KCM] : ‘Wind Blows’ を目を閉じて聴いた時、本当に風が吹いたと思った。(笑い)

[Rain] : (話す前に)よく考えてから話して。 (笑い)



[Rain] : リスナー ‘Hibuda Yuko’, “ここ数日、寒い天気なので、肌荒れしている。 健康的な肌を維持する方法を知っていますか?”
[KCM] : タバコを吸わないのに、最近肌がたるんできた。(笑い)

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#1871′, “お母さんが作ったナマズスープを美味しく食べている。ナマズスープはひどく寒い日はとても満足感を与える、おいしい冬の食べ物。 昼食は食べましたか?”
[Rain] : 僕達はこの番組が終わったあと、昼食を食べる。このラジオ番組はランチ時間に放送しているので、時間通りに昼食を取るのは難しい。ありがたいことに僕のファンがよく美味しい食べ物とスナックを差し入れしてくれる。

[Rain] : リスナー ‘I Cham’, “韓国の歴史ドラマを観て韓国語を勉強している。どうやって外国語を勉強していますか?”

[KCM] : リスナー ‘#1805′, “5歳の姪が幼稚園に入った。最近、子供にとって幼稚園に入園するのは大変。”
[Rain] : 最近は、有名/名門大学に入学するのは難しい、でも有名/名門幼稚園に入園するのもさらに難しい。子供を育てるのは決して簡単ではないと思う。子供一人に₩3億5千万のお金がかかると言われていて、親の心の重荷になっている、そしてその費用は親に降りかかる。 子供を持つことがますます経済的に意味をもたない社会に僕達は住んでいるように思える。
[KCM] : 僕は子供5人を育てるつもりだった。(笑い)



[KCM] : リスナー ‘Ahn Woon Hee’, “バスに乗った時、バスカードをどこにしまったのか忘れてしまったので、運賃を払うために財布から小銭を出そうとした時、小銭を床に落としてしまい、みんなの目が私に集中した。バスの運転手は私が運賃を払うために小銭を拾っている時、お金を払うよう言った。これが久しぶりに小銭を使った日だった。”

[Rain] : リスナー ‘#3969′, “僕は料理を習っている。新たに習得した料理の腕で将来の奥さんを感動させたい。”
[KCM] :君は正しいと思う。(笑い)
[Rain] : でも、金持ちが必ずしも幸福ではない。真の愛をもとにしていない結婚や恋愛関係は危機的な状況に陥るかもしれない、そして物理主義や見た目の差別は消滅するだろう。 独身女性が誠心誠意信じることができて愛することができる責任感のある人を探すことを願うよ。

[KCM] : リスナー ‘Jin Eun Ju’, “手段を選ばず/なんとかしてお金を稼ぎたい、でもパートタイムの仕事でさえ見つけるのが難しいのですごく落ち込む/憂鬱になる。”
[Rain] : 高校時代、放課後に仕事がある場合、僕はアルバイトをしていた。 当時の仕事で、僕が試したことが無い仕事はそんなにないと思う。 13年前、一山市の集合住宅/アパートの建設現場でパートタイム社員として働いていた時、建物の11階フロアーの廊下の壁に僕の名前を彫った。(笑い)
[KCM] : 僕もデビュー前は見つけることができた肉体労働の仕事は何でも引き受けていた。



--‘Kim Tae Wan’ と音楽について語る-

[Rain] : 音楽に高級さ/しゃれた感じを加えたこの番組のもう一つのコーナーにようこそ。

[Rain] : ‘Kim Tae Wan’ようこそ。お久しぶり。

[Kim Tae Wan] : おひさしぶり。

[KCM] : もう少しで君の顔を忘れるところだった。(笑い)

[Rain] : クリスマスはどう過ごされましたか?

[Kim Tae Wan] : ひどい風邪を引いてしまい、数日寝込んだ。 僕は毎年今頃は具合が悪くなるというジンクスがあると思う。

[Rain] ;来年君がジンクスを破れることを願うよ。

[Kim Tae Wan] :破れるようにがんばるよ。(笑い)

[Rain] : 今日のスターは誰かな?

[Kim Tae Wan] : ラッパー T.I.が今日のスター。彼はジョージア州アトランタで1980年9月25日に生まれた。25日生まれの人は賢い/頭の回転が速いと言われている。(笑い)

[Rain] : 君の言うことは間接的に僕のこと。(笑い) (Rainは6月25日生まれ)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I. の本名はClifford Joseph Harris Jr。彼が子供の時、ニューヨークに住む彼の父親は認知症だった、なのでのちに彼の祖母が小さな町で彼を育てた。彼は子供の頃、生活に苦しんだ、そして彼のファーストアルバム ‘I’m Serious’ はうまくいかなかった。

(T.I.’: I’m Serious’, はアルバムのタイトル曲)(Feat. Bennie Man)

[Rain] : すごく刺激的な/ワクワクさせる曲だ。 僕は十分に練習した後、レコーディングする傾向がある。その結果、時間を節約できるし、生産性を高めることができる。

[Kim Tae Wan] : それは僕を含めた大抵の作曲者のかなり多くの時間を助けている。

[Rain] : その一方で、僕のアルバムのレコーディング中、JYPと一緒に作業することは僕にとって時間がかかりすぎだった。JYPは過ちに対して几帳面だった。

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I は9歳の時にラップをしはじめた、そして彼の叔父が手本となる人だった、でも彼の叔父は刑務所を出たり入ったりしていた。 そしてもちろん、T.I. はその影響を受けた、そして彼が18歳の時、彼は麻薬取締法違反の容疑で法廷に召喚された。T.I. は刑務所でラップソングの歌詞を書き続けた。刑期を終えて彼が出所したのち、歌手 ‘Usher’を発掘したことで知られている ‘LaFace Record’がT.Iをセレクトした、しかし彼は ‘LaFace Record’の期待に応えることができなかった、なので彼は ‘LaFace Record’から追い出された。

暗闇の時を過ごした後、彼はラッパーであり彼の友人である ‘Bone Crusher’:‘Never Scared’ にラッパーとして参加した、そして彼自身の将来的な成功の基盤を築いた。 この曲が大ヒットしたように、T.I. はいくつかの大手レコード会社から注目を集めた、そして最終的に彼はAtlantic Record を選んだ。

(‘Bone Crusher’:‘Never Scared’) (Feat. T.I.)

[Rain] : ラップソングの歌詞にはたくさんの卑猥な/下品な言葉が使われていて(ピー音が起こって)いると思う。

[Kim Tae Wan] : なので、曲を選ぶ時、僕はより慎重になった。

[Rain] : それを聞いてホッとした。

[Kim Tae Wan] : その後、T.I.は不法な銃の所持で警察に逮捕された、そして3年の判決を受けた、でも6ヶ月後彼は仮保釈された。出所後にリリースされた彼のアルバム ‘Urban Legend’ は、1百万枚以上売上げた、そして大成功を収めた。

[Rain]: デジタル革命の時代になったように、歌手の収入はかつてのように高いものではないと思う。

[Kim Tae Wan] : 僕もそう思う。最近は有名な歌手でさえも商売をして収入を補っている。

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.はアルバム ‘King’ をリリースすると同時に映画‘ATL’ に出演して、相乗効果を生み、彼は大当たりした。しかし、彼は再び暴行の容疑で逮捕された。事件現場でT.I.は友人が死亡したという知らせを受けた。 T.I. は友人が死亡したというニュースに愕然として、スランプに陥り、罪悪感に苦しんだ。

[Rain] : T.I.は浮き沈みが激しい人生を通して、どうやって困難を克服するのかを学んで、夢を持ち続けたのかもしれない。

(T.I.:Whatever You Like)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I. はそういったスランプに陥りながらもアルバム‘T.I. vs T.I.P’をリリースした。 このアルバムの曲‘Big Sh*t Poppin’は特に印象付けられた。

[Rain] : いい案が思いついた時はいつでもメモしている。

[KCM] : 僕も。

[Kim Tae Wan] : 君たちのアルバムを楽しみしているよ。

[Rain] : 僕にあまり期待しないで。何はともあれ僕は自分の仕事をする。(笑い)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.は懲役の代わりに、社会奉仕活動を言い渡された。社会奉仕活動後、彼は貧しい子供たちを激励するアルバム‘Paper Trail’をリリースした。このアルバムは2百万枚以上売り上げた。

(T.I.:‘Big Sh*t Poppin’)

[Kim Tae Wan] : T.I.と彼の家族はTVのファミリー番組に出演した。彼はこの番組でとても有名な有名人になった、しかし彼は再び、不法な銃の所持で警察に逮捕された、そして1年間、投獄された。その後、彼は‘No Mercy’というアルバムをリリースしたが、結果は平均以下だった。

[Rain] : T.I.:‘Live Your Life’でこのコーナーを終えようと思う。この放送/番組についてどう思う?

[Kim Tae Wan] : 今日の番組のために先週から資料を準備していた。有益な影響をもたらす経験となっていて、忘れることはない。

[Rain] : 新年の抱負とともにもうすぐ新しい年になる。あなたの願い事/夢がかなうことを願うよ。

[Kim Tae Wan] : ありがとう。そうなることを切に願うよ。(笑い)

[Rain] : お疲れ様でした。

[KCM] : また来週。

(T.I.:Live Your Life) ( Feat. Rihanna)

[Rain] : もうすぐ新年、そして除隊する日も近づいてきている。

[KCM] : 出来事が多かった年は過ぎて、新しい年がくる。 新年の希望が実現するかもしれない。

[Rain] :‘Moon Woo Young’, ‘Jin Eun Ju’, ‘Lee Se Young’, そして‘#4032′に心ばかりの贈り物が送られます。

[Rain] : Rain がお送りしました。 I love you.

[KCM] : KCMがお送りしました。ありがとう。